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Service Care at MTJ Electronics - Reliable Support for Your Barcode Scanners

At MTJ Electronics, we understand the crucial role that reliable functioning of barcode scanners plays in the smooth operation of business activities. Therefore, we offer a service care program that provides continuous technical support for your fleet of devices. Our service contract is designed to minimize downtime and maximize the efficiency of your scanners.

Guaranteed Quick Response and Repair One of the main advantages of our service care is the guarantee of minimal service time. We understand that every moment of scanner downtime can lead to potential losses for your business. Hence, our service team responds immediately, striving to quickly resolve any malfunctions. With our support, your operations can continue with minimal disruption.

Fixed Prices and Flexible Payment Options We offer clear and transparent cooperation terms. Service costs are realized at fixed prices, either based on prepaid royalties or an annual lump sum for the entire fleet. This pricing structure allows for easy budget management and avoids unexpected expenses. The service amount is calculated based on the percentage of potential faults, ensuring fairness and financial transparency.

High-Quality Repairs and Quality Control All repairs at MTJ Electronics are carried out with the utmost care and precision. Our service team consists of experienced technicians, supported by our quality control. Each repaired device, before being returned to the customer, is thoroughly tested to ensure the repairs will serve your company for a long time.

Technical Support and Consultation In addition to repair, our service care includes technical support and advice. We are always ready to answer your questions and help solve technical problems. Our team not only repairs equipment but also advises on how to best utilize scanners in your daily work.

Long-Term Benefits By choosing our service care, you gain a long-term partner who ensures that your barcode scanners operate flawlessly. Long-term cooperation with us guarantees that even in the event of unexpected failures, your devices will be quickly repaired and ready for further work.

Summary The service care at MTJ Electronics is not just equipment repair, but comprehensive support that helps maintain your barcode scanners in the best condition. With us, you can count on quick response, fixed prices, professional repairs, and technical support. Invest in peace of mind and the efficiency of your business by choosing our service care.


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