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IT Equipment Sales – Barcode Scanners, Label Printers and More at MTJ Electronics.

Motorola MC9090For over a decade, MTJ Electronics has proudly specialized in refurbishing and reintroducing high-quality IT equipment to the market. Our range of products includes everything from barcode scanners and warehouse terminals to label printers and accessories, as well as computer service equipment. Each of these products is carefully refurbished and prepared for reuse, ensuring not only financial savings for our customers but also high quality and reliability.

Advanced Devices Tailored to Your Needs. Our offering includes:

  1. Barcode Scanners:: Essential in many industries, from logistics to retail. Our refurbished scanners are accurate, fast, and reliable.
  2. Warehouse Terminals: Crucial for effective warehouse management, our terminals are durable and user-friendly.
  3. Label Printers: We offer various models of label printers, perfect for creating professional and durable product labels.
  4. Terminal Accessories: Find a complete set of accessories that enhance the functionality and efficiency of terminals.
  5. Service Parts: We have a wide range of spare parts that help in maintaining equipment in excellent condition.
  6. Computer Equipment: Our refurbished computer equipment is an excellent option for companies looking for efficient and economical solutions.

Quality Assurance and Support At MTJ Electronics, we ensure that each device is 100% functional and thoroughly checked by our technicians before dispatch. All products are backed by up to a 24-month warranty, cleaned, and ready to use right after unpacking. Our support doesn't end with the sale – we also offer full technical and service support, as well as assistance in implementing the purchased solutions in your company.

Personalized Approach and Attractive Prices We understand that every company has unique needs. Therefore, we invite you to contact us for an individual quote and to tailor the offer to the specific requirements of your business. For larger orders, we offer attractive discounts. In our online store, you'll find only a part of the available devices – we encourage you to visit us and explore our full range of products.



By choosing MTJ Electronics, you gain access to high-quality, refurbished IT devices that are not only cost-effective but also reliable and environmentally friendly. Our extensive range of products, personalized customer approach, and post-sale support guarantee satisfaction and long-term collaboration. We invite you to take advantage of our offer and join the ranks of satisfied MTJ Electronics customers.


For over 10 years, we have been supporting the Polish industry.

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