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RENTAL – The Ideal Solution for Inventory and Long-Term Projects

wynajem skanerówAt MTJ Electronics, we offer professional rental services for Auto ID devices, including barcode scanners, which are indispensable in the inventory process and resource management. Our offer is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of each client – from one-day rentals to multi-month projects.

Flexibility and Personalized Approach We understand that the needs of each company are unique. Therefore, our rental offer is flexible – we adjust the rental period to the individual requirements of the client, both for short-term needs, such as inventories, and for long-term projects. Whether you need devices for one day, a week, or several months, we are ready to provide a solution tailored to your requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Company At MTJ Electronics, we ensure that our partners have access to comprehensive solutions. Our rental offer includes not only the devices themselves but also support in selecting equipment that best meets the needs of your company. We provide expert advice to ensure that the chosen devices are the most effective for your business processes.

Standard Inventory Set Our standard inventory set includes everything you need for efficient resource management:

  1. Terminal: A device with a barcode scanner that allows for quick and precise data collection. Terminals are equipped with WiFi connectivity or can communicate through a docking station connected to a computer.
  2. Docking Station: This device is used not only for charging terminals but also allows easy communication and data transfer between the terminal and computer.
  3. Software: We provide software that allows for recording and managing collected data in a simple and intuitive way.

Benefits of Rental

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Renting devices is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing, especially for short-term projects or one-time inventories.
  • No Service Fees: During the rental, all service and maintenance issues are handled by us, reducing the burden on your company.
  • Access to the Latest Technologies: We offer rentals of modern devices, allowing you to use the latest technologies without the need to invest in expensive equipment.


Our Auto ID device rental service at MTJ Electronics is an excellent solution for companies needing efficient tools for inventory or resource management. We offer not only flexibility and a personalized approach to each client but also comprehensive support and access to modern equipment. By choosing our offer, you gain not only financial savings but also the certainty that your company is equipped with the best devices available on the market.


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