Scan Linker warehouse management software

Scan Linker warehouse management software

Our proprietary software ScanLinker brings new and convenient functionalities to older, proven warehouse scanners running on the Windows operating system. Many large companies still have a large fleet of such devices. Considering their reliability, we have decided to enhance their capabilities.

ScanLinker combines the latest software with professional warehouse scanners running on the Windows operating system. It is the first software that enables the use of Baselinker functionality on such devices. It also provides advanced and intuitive tools for creating and editing spreadsheets, with a range of features that simplify daily work in the warehouse.

ScanLinker supports spreadsheets from all the most popular office suites. Ask us about integrating it with your e-commerce platform!

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Scan Linker DOC

Spreadsheet module

A large part of warehouse work involves creating lists, searching for products, verifying order accuracy, and more. In many cases, introducing a new process also requires working with product lists, shipments, and warehouse organization. That's why the main module of the ScanLinker program is ScanLinker DOC, which enables file exchange with a computer and allows you to work with Excel files.

One of the major advantages is the ability to work in a wired system using a docking station or connecting to a Wi-Fi network. The software does not exchange data with external servers, making it an ideal extension for working with scanners in internal networks.

Orders Module

BaseLinker Integration

The warehouse integration module allows for working with products in the warehouse in communication with the sales system. The program includes the main functionalities of any warehouse. It allows for reading data about products, positioning them in warehouse locations, and order picking.

The integration with the BaseLinker system has been completed. However, upon request, we can customize the solution to fit your specific system.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that support the activities and development of your company, ensuring efficient operations and eliminating any potential problems. We prioritize quality and attention to detail, constantly striving to improve and evolve our solutions.

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