Inventory management software

Inventory Management Software

InwenturApp It is a universal inventory management software that is compatible with corporate computer applications. It is designed to enhance the capabilities of internal sales systems. It is based on product lists exported from corporate software. It streamlines task execution and maximizes data transparency.

The basic functionalities include InwenturApp seamless retrieval of inventory levels, convenient inventory counting using mobile data collectors, and intuitive compilation of collected data into final inventory documents.

The solution has been designed for renting pre-configured device sets with the software. However, we also recommend the option of purchasing the InwenturApp license alone if you already have your own fleet of Windows-based scanners.

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How does it work?

System configuration.

Jak zainstalować na komputerze oprogramowanie InwenturApp? Kliknij tutaj i obejrzyj nasz film instruktażowy.

We start each new process by importing a product list. The current product list or inventory levels are transferred from the company's sales system. Then, the program will prompt you to assign columns from the imported file to the columns used in the inventory documents. Names with the same title, such as "name," "unit of measure," etc., will be automatically assigned by the program.

In the case of renting equipment with software, the set already has the application installed. However, in the case of purchasing just the license, the software will need to be installed on the scanners.

Working with scanners

The software is designed to work with any number of scanners. The process starts by copying the list of products to each of the devices.

Next, we direct the employee with the scanner to different warehouse sectors. The inventory list is filled by scanning the products. After the work is done, we connect the scanner to the computer and transfer the scanned lists. The program will also ask if you want to clear the scan list from the device. This makes error checking and identifying any inventory discrepancies easier.

Completing the inventory report

The final stage of inventory is always one of the most challenging. Searching for errors, omissions, and discrepancies can sometimes make it the longest phase of the process. That's why we have paid special attention to ensuring that this stage is as transparent and intuitive as possible.

In case of any discrepancies, we can quickly verify missed or duplicated warehouse sectors and determine the cause of the error. The operator has full control over error correction.
Additionally, at this stage, the program allows for exporting data to an Excel file for even greater flexibility in work. Thanks to the auto-save feature after each entry, we don't have to worry about data loss.

After filling in all the gaps, the program will generate a complete set of remanent documents ready for printing in a PDF file.

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Discover in detail

Product database

InwenturApp - import produktów

We start the inventory process by going to the "Product Database" tab. We import the inventory data from an .xlsx file. While working with the scanner, the program will match the scanned codes with those in the uploaded list.

Next, we assign the columns from the file to the table columns in the program. The document should contain columns such as individual product code, SKU, product name, quantity, price, and unit.

Scanned Lists

Inwentur App łączenie zeskanowanych list produktów

The "Scanned Lists" tab displays the current inventory status performed using the mobile device application. The preview of the current data can be retrieved and saved within the program at any time.

In this section, we can also remotely remove the list from the connected device if we have completed the inventory process or want to start over.

Device Management Panel

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In the "Connected to..." tab, we assign a name under which the mobile device will be recognized. The available options allow us to transfer data (export and import) between the computer and the warehouse device or delete the file with the list of products.


Document Wizard

InwenturApp Lista skanerów

The section provides a preview of the imported inventory state and allows for generating an inventory document. The tab also enables various useful actions, such as filtering conflicts or zero quantities, or searching for a specific product based on its assigned code or name.

Before generating the file, there is an option for manual correction of the actual quantity of a particular record.

Rent a complete inventory set

Start planning today to secure the rental of inventory devices. Contact us to discuss the details of device reservation. Automate this process and save time.


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