MC9090 settings reset. How to prevent it?

MC9090 settings reset. How to prevent it?

How to avoid data and settings loss after battery removal in Motorola collectors?

In MC9090 series collectors, settings are reset when the internal battery maintaining data discharges, or when a Cold Boot procedure is invoked. During the first device startup without data maintenance, a reset of the Windows partition, registry settings, autostart, wifi connections disappear, etc. is performed on the MC9090 device. Then, the collector checks the Application partition, which is a persistent partition, in search of configuration files. 

If applications and settings are not prepared for such a situation, you probably have to reconfigure the device or install the software again. In the worst case, this results in work stoppage. How to prevent this? It is worth replacing the backup battery. If you don't want to do this yourself, we will be happy to help. In addition, it is important to properly configure the device to make it resistant to a Cold Boot reset. As we wrote, the scanner searches for configuration files. Using .CPY, .RUN, and .REG files, you can restore files and registry entries to their original locations. Also, by copying the program files or its shortcut to the Application/Startup directory, the collector will start it at system startup.

More information about the permanent device configuration can be found in the Integrator Instructions of individual mobile devices.

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If you have problems with self-configuration of devices, we are happy to help. We will prepare a configuration package and an installation package tailored to your needs. Such a package completely automates the initial device configuration and maintains the continuity of device operation.

Sample settings:

  • wifi connection
  • scanning settings
  • automatic application startup
  • software installation
  • remote desktop (RDP) / auto-login

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